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Why is this happening this rotten odor smell



Gas that forms in the large intestine can take on a number of smells depending on what you eat and what undigested material comes through the gut.  Bacteria (good and bad) are found in the large intestine (colon).  Some undigested materials contain useful molecules that the bacteria can use as an energy source .When the bacteria break down those energy sources they do so under anaerobic conditions (without oxygen).  This produces various alcohols, acid and gas.  The gas can come in the form of CO2 (which is odorless), methane gas which smells terrible and is poisonous and a sulfur gas which smells like rotten eggs.  All of these gasses can be produced by different bacteria and you end up with a combination of these gases.  So you can get some really bad smells.  If you eat the proper foods and maintain a high population of good bacteria, that will eliminate rotten smelly farts.