My name is Val, I am 20 years old and I am here to tell my story in regards to a heart condition that goes by the name of Supraventricular Tachycardia. I found some posts on the internet of other people whom have dealt with and or still currently deal with SVT. I am going to make this post somewhat lengthy so anyone that has this condition understands what I went through, ways to stop episodes from occurring, your options as far as treating SVT goes, etc...

I can not recall my first ever "episode" or time where I had a heart palpitation, but I do recall a few things that occurred 2 years ago. I used to train in martial arts. I currently am taking time off from the sport, but do wish to pursue it again in the near future. I remember during classes, while sparring I would have numerous heart palpitations. I also recall having them while meditating during class. Most of my palpitations would only last seconds, maybe a minute or two, but nothing too long. I was also lucky in regards to being able to control my palpitations when they occurred. I was able to simply take a deep breath in, hold my breath for a second or two, breathe out, and the palpitations for the most part would subside. With my heart palpitations, they would come in waves. Sure, I may be able to stop or gain control over my heart palpitations when they would occur, but I would most times, have palpitations back to back for a duration of a few minutes. Thinking about it now, I do remember how exhausted I would be after those episodes would occur. I would be extremely out of breath, and would need to take a break or step out for fresh air when participating in physical activities. I also had heart palpitations while doing absolutely nothing at all. Most of my episodes would occur while I was sitting down or resting. I found out recently from one of my ECG tests that my resting heart rate was 240bpms... which is not normal by any means.

I was officially diagnosed with this condition only a few months ago, sometime in the end of 2016 but I had ongoing and occasionally uncontrollable heart palpitations for a period of 4 years. I have had numerous tests done. ECG's that were done at doctors offices, ECG's at hospitals, ultrasounds of my heart. I even had to wear halter monitors, some lasting a duration of a few days, other tests lasting 2-3 weeks. For years, my family doctor, cardiologists, doctors at the walk-in, most have told me I have "heart palpitations" and it was left as simple as that.

Caffeine and chocolate for me were insane triggers, That is not necessarily the case for everyone with SVT, but chocolate for me was the worst. Just a slight taste of it would make my heart start racing. For obvious reasons and for me not wanting to put up with and deal with my palpitations on a day-to-day basis, I cut out caffeine and chocolate from my diet for a little while. Doing this helped for a bit, but my palpitations would still occur fairly often. It is at that point, I then resulted to taking Magnesium. I have read articles and found for some people, it would calm down their heart. So I figured, "what the heck, I will give this a try". Again, this was yet another attempt at a simple remedy that I tried, but it did not 100% get rid of my underlining issues. Therefore, I informed my family doctor of everything I have tried and advised her that none of it had worked. She then transferred me to a cardiologist.

January of 2017, I was introduced to my third cardiologist.  This one though, would operate on my heart, if need be. He advised me of some results from my heart tests, and gave me my options. He let me know that we could 1) Leave everything alone 2) I could start taking life-long medication 3) I could have a catheter ablation. Dealing with SVT for years has been a real struggle. Recently, it had such an impact on my life to the point I was no longer able to do a light 10 minute workout, or even walk for too long. I told my cardiologist to book me in for the catheter ablation as soon as possible. Come April of this year, 2017, I had my catheter ablation, and I must say, I have never been happier. I am able to walk. I am able to hike again. I am able to run. I am gradually introducing my favorite physical activities again as my heart has now returned to a normal state and I still feel as if I am recovering as my surgery was only 2 weeks ago. I slowly am introducing back COFFEE and CHOCOLATE into my diet and *knock on wood* currently have not had ANY heart palpitations since the surgery. For the first 3 days, post-op, I did have slight flutters, but nothing too crazy. If anybody has SVT and is considering the catheter ablation route, I would highly advise it. My actual procedure was about 45 minutes. My surgery was day surgery. I was checked in at the hospital at 10am, left around 9:30pm. The surgery itself was pain free,  but they would induce heart palpitations that they had complete control over to find the exact point where my heart was causing me issues. Overall, again, I would honestly highly recommend the surgery. I almost two weeks post-op and have had no reoccurring heart palpitations since the surgery. Any questions at all, send them my way, as I would love to help anybody that is going through SVT or wishes to know any more information.