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I must say, suboxone was not fully understood when it went to market as a gift from god for opiate addicts. For the beggining of a detox, but if someone stays on it for longer that 6 months, a year, 2 year, after being told that if you follow you doctors orders there would be very mild symptoms. maybe the pharmaceutical companies didn't do any long-term studies of use. Buprenorphene is a partial agonist with a high affinity for one's mu receptors, and thus the half-life is 72 hours. This only means that your detox will last a very long time 10 days acute to two months residual. Someone said they still had symptoms of withdrawal 6 months after she kicked. Imagine suffering for 6 months because you wanted to get off a drug that was supposed to save your life. After months or years on abstinence, when you decide to come off it with your doctors blessing, you are going to get very sick, and have to suffer again after all of your clean time. There is irony somewhere in there. I wonder how many addicts how have been clean for a year, maybe two, and have gone out to cop because they couldn't stand the pain of being dope sick again. I hate this drug. I think it's cruel. So after 3 years on suboxne (completely clean and loving it), I have began the suboxone detox and am prepared for 2 weeks of sheer hell. Stop promoting suboxone for long-term use. We all have to pay for what we did, either the heroin withdrawals, or following a long period of abstinence, the suboxone withdrawal. You can't hide from it and move on. you will have to go through it.


I know this post was over a year ago, but I'm in the exact same boat. I just celebrated 1 yr clean off of everything except suboxone, however I do appreciate my treatment plan as it probably saved my life. That cruel joke you referred to, well for me that means that had I just kept withdrawing a year ago, I could use klonopin or xanax to ease the symptoms, but now by doing that I would have to pick up a white and start from the beginning and let everyonr down, so with all that being said, I'm only at day 3 off andam pretty terrified so I was just wondering how you did regarding withdrawals and have you been able to stay clean.


Opiate addicts, this will be some of the best news you've ever heard.

EVERYONE - For the Love of GOD, if you are withdrawing from Suboxone (or any other opiate), truly MASSIVE doses of SODIUM ascorbate (vitamin C, and NOT other forms - the SODIUM ascorbate form is by FAR the most effective) really and truly DOES completely eliminate withdrawal symptoms.

I first heard about this on the website "news with views," and thought the doctor who wrote it was an ignorant old fuddy-duddy who seemed to confabulate all manner of different substances under the general heading of "drugs" (as the article was entitled something like "Drug Addiction Is Easy To Cure." 

"This can't be true," I thought, as I read through it.  "It can't possibly be THIS easy."

Well, in fact it IS!!!

Please go find the work by doctors Libby and Stone at the site, or do a search at that site for "heroin addiction" or something like that.  Or, search for "Heroin addiction hypoascorbemia kwashiorkor."  It was cited in the article at newswithviews by the old fuddy duddy doctor.  THIS abstract had my curiosity totally peaked.

THEN, search for "Attenuation of Heroin Withdrawal Syndrome By The Administration Of High-Dose Vitamin C."

Go to youtube.  Search for a 9 minute video entitled "Beat Hard Drug Addiction With High Doses Of Vitamin C."

I'll spare you all the details, but I'll give a few *VERY* helpful hints to bolster what you learn in those articles and abstracts.  I did it, it works, END OF STORY!  GOODBYE OPIATE WITHDRAWAL!

Here are the helpful hints:

1.)  The first abstract I mention deals heavily with IV administration of sodium ascorbate.  Most of you will not have access to the requisite equipment for this (though you may be very good at hitting veins, lol), so you will need to take it orally.  It works just as well, except for the issue of BOWEL TOLERANCE.  Once you hit bowel tolerance of ascorbate, you poop like C-R-A-Z-Y.  To mitigate or eliminate this issue, TAKE SODIUM ASCORBATE (powder) SUBLINGUALLY.  Just place a couple GRAMS of the powder (half a teaspoon to a teaspoon at a time) UNDER THE TONGUE.  Let it dissolve, and DO NOT SWALLOW.  It will dissolve very quickly - a few minutes at most. This will bypass the GI tract and absorb it directly into your bloodstream.  If you are a Suboxone user, you are no doubt familiar with this principle.

2.)  If you feel the urge to swallow, SPIT INSTEAD.  The sodium ascorbate powder is cheap and you can get it by the kilogram for a little over 20 bucks on amazon (or, a health food store).  Keep doing this OVER AND OVER.  Try to take in maybe 50 grams (though you will definitely feel better long before you get to 50 grams).  The more the better, and you will have to do this daily for a while.  See below (#3).  It doesn't work in a day - at least, it didn't for me - but I used Suboxone at 8mg a day for TEN YEARS.

3.)  For Suboxone in particular, the biggest issue is the incredibly high affinity that buprenorphine has for opiate receptors and the insanely long half life.  This means that it's going to take a long time (highly dependent on the length of time you've been using it, and the amount you've been using), and you shouldn't expect it to be over in a day, even with this awesome Godsend of a solution.  You need to keep at it.

4.)  The articles I mentioned only postulate as to the possible mechanisms by which this works (though again, it DOES work), but it seems to me that it works by reducing the amount of reactive oxygen species (free radicals) circulating in the body.  I say this because I noticed a VERY similar effect of withdrawal mitigation by taking superoxide dismutase.  That might be an even BETTER substance to use, actually (or use it in conjunction with the ascorbate).  Again, what's important is that it DOES work.

5.)  NUTRITION is EXTREMELY important.  I HIGHLY recommend a GOOD multivitamin or nutritional supplement.  The best of the best is Beyond Tangy Tangerine by Youngevity (it's also DELICIOUS!).

6.) PLEASE tell this to everyone you know that is going through this hellish experience.  PAY IT FORWARD!  Copy and paste everything I just typed, without attribution - I don't care.  Just LET PEOPLE KNOW!

God Bless you all.  It'll be over soon enough, and it'll be pretty much painless if you do what I said!



Great Post-I know someone who recently found out about Sodium Ascorbate. He drank about a case of beer each day, took a lot of Clonopin and also took Suboxone for maybe 8 years now. His son and daughter in law live with hiim and are also addicted to a lesser extent. He wants to to take each addiction (alcohol, then benzos then Suboxone) in a linear fashion-as he believes it will be too hard to do all at once. His son and daughter in law are very supportive-but they depend on him for his perscription drugs. His Psychiatrist is insisting he withdraw little by little-rather than all at once. This Psychiatrist-like his family-has something to lose if he does become clean. I wish he had someone who had been through the same thing successfully. He is taking very little sodium ascorbate-because on ascorbate he cannot feel the high. My question is-Can his plan work-withdrawing linearly from alcohol, then Benzos and finally suboxone?