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I'm Ally,married to the most amazing man on earth,wen we first started having intercourse it was amazing as I saved my virginity for the man of my dreams!so I had no sensitivity whatsoever in the beginning but now my clitoris gets so over sensitive after a while of touching and rubbing and the sensation I felt in the beginning is not there,nd my husband ain't doin anything wrong!he's still a master in the bedroom...even when he goes down on me it doesn't feel the same like it used to...same thing happens with my nipples,it gets so over sensitive!its frustrating but I don't lack in my performance though!I need help,what can I do to get back the sensation I had in the beginning??please!!!


It’s normal for your clitoris and nipples to become over-sensitive after a long period of stimulation. Your best bet is to use a good lubricant that is made for sensitive skin, without any fragrances or warming agents. If your husband uses a condom, the latex could cause a sensitive skin reaction as well, so a polyurethane or lambskin condom might be a good alternative. Also, you can encourage your husband  to moisturize his penis skin using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1  Man Oil), which can reduce the amount of friction you are experiencing and cut down on the sensitivity level.