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I am 13 and I just started masturbating this year! The shower head really gets me going & aroused, but I want new ways that aren't in the shower that feels just as good! PLEASE help!


Man, two hours and no reply?  I can't really suggest anything as I'm a bloke, but just under your post there was this little box full of links, and I found this:

Follow the link, it's packed full of info :)  I'll end my reply with a direct quote, one I think answers your question perfectly:

"3. New female masturbation techniques

If you are limber enough and there's enough room, start with the tub empty and get the water temperature right and then position yourself directly under the stream of running water. The random pounding of the water should stimulate your vagina to a good orgasm.

- If you have a removable shower head, you can position the water flow exactly where you need it for maximum stimulation. Try removing the actual shower head from the hose to get a straight jet of water. This can be too powerful so you might have to turn the water pressure down considerably. Point the stream of water downwards so it does not turn into a douche, but alight the stream with your clitoral hood/clitoris and move it around until the turbulence starts to provide the right stimulation. This will produce one of the largest orgasms very quickly and might make you overly-sensitive very fast so it’s best to do it sitting or laying down in the tub so your legs won’t give out.

-The electric toothbrush always seems to be a favorite to pinpoint the vibrations on your clit. Be careful of sharp edges. You might consider placing something between your skin and the toothbrush like a rubber balloon or latex glove to avoid cuts or abrasions if the vibrations are too strong.

-Food items also get a lot of mention and can be quite realistic at simulating a penis. Used in combination with clitoral stimulation they can lead to some great orgasms. ALWAYS wash the fruit or vegetable with some anti-bacterial soap for safety sake. Also consider warming it in the microwave to more closely simulate a real penis. Textures seem to work better than completely smooth items so look for odd shaped items. Don’t try to stretch yourself to unnatural sizes; it might make actual sex disappointing for both you and your partner in the future. Try moving the item in different ways than just ‘in and out’. Always have a large enough item to keep a firm grip on it so it won’t get lost, you might not be able to remove the item yourself and the embarrassment would not be worth the pleasure.

-Manual stimulation is always a handy skill to have in your arsenal just in case you don’t have access to accessories. First you rub yourself at the top of your clitoris moving around in circles with one finger. Once you start to get a little sensitive slide your fingers (one might be best to start with) inside and then pull out and rub your clitoris again constantly building up tension. Use your other hand to massage or pinch your nipples or just focus on your vagina, using one hand to caress the vaginal opening while the other works on your clit. If you can flex and relax your legs while you do this, it can greatly enhance the sensations due to the increased blood flow to your lower body. During orgasm, flex your legs as hard as you can and you should feel an increased euphoria.

-Other household items that might help you get there could include, hairbrush handle, screwdriver handle, and a flashlight. Be careful inserting household items and always make sure they are cleaned thoroughly and preferably put a condom over them to avoid any potential infection from introducing a foreign object into the body.

---The washing machine can create a pretty intense vibration if it’s slightly off balance during the spin cycle; just find a corner to press yourself against.

---If you have an orbital sander it can be quite powerful but often the vibration cycle is too fast and becomes more of an irritating tickle instead of pleasurable. One way to solve this is to place something between you and the sander. If you have a chair that needs to be refinished anyway, put the sander on the seat of the chair and straddle the chair back or chair handle and enjoy the vibration through the chair.

---Most push-lawn mowers will vibrate their handles enough to ‘get you there’ but you have to be a lot more cautious with this method for obvious reasons.

---Vacuum cleaners will sometimes vibrate enough for the handle to stimulate an orgasm."