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Following MVA, 60YOFsustained sternal fracture with subsequent bradycardia down into the 30's nd 40's. Hospitalized for three days then discharged with only pain medication but bradycardia, especially nocturnal persists? Is this dangerous to my overall health, which is good with exception of mild hypertension treated with Lopressor and medical compliance with meds and diet.


Hi there,

I am not sure if this will affect your overall health but I know that bradycardia may cause some complications in life. The fact is that you know the main reason that caused this heart rate disorder so in my opinion this should not happen again. Can you tell me more about what happened to your sternum? How did you managed to get a fracture at your sternum? I think that your medication will help you maintain your life normally without any risk of further complications. You just need to be careful not to stress too much. I hope that this helped you in any possible way.


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