Medication: 150 mg amitriptyline came off this January this year, 2mg diazepam taken daily help control panic attacks, still on this Large metal plate hit my head (accident at work 12 years ago), short term memory loss, have worked on this, every day read something, what I learnt or remember previous day, and I have learnt to write again in January last, still have set backs brain stops working. Started having flash white outs under pressure, tunnel vision, anxiety depression set in 1 year later. Shock: loose of voice, stomach unable to digest food, severe lose of weight, (diazepam controlled this) noise big problem until last year, still get this with repetitive sounds. Lived and worked through the above, now my problems this year has been: (changed to new shoes, slippers etc.) 1/2 inch of the soul of my feet numb, tingling and aching with cold feet in that area, it does travel up to my thighs, sleep with electric blanket on when severe, cannot feel heat through the 1/2 bottom of the soul of the feet, now developed 1/4 inch round black spots on the souls of the feet.