hi all,
i turn 18 in just about 2 weeks.. and i've been having very serious stomach pains. i guess you could say a hand's width below my belly button. i've been having these pains for over a year or 2, but lately they've been getting very worse, almost to the point where i can't take it. i have them a week before my cycle and i still have them even after i'm done.. but it's only every once in awhile (after i'm finished). i do have very bad cramps and nothing can help them. i just feel this is something more serious because i've just had my peroid about 2 weeks ago and i'm having those pains. they are terrible and they seem as if someone's stabbing me. they just really hurt so bad.. but i get sick all the time with ear infections, sore throats, ect. i've already been to the doctor about 4-5 time within 2 months so i really don't want to go if i don't have to because my mom can't really aford to dish out anymore money.
:/ please tell me what you think.