Hi everyone! I am a female and am 25 yrs old. I have experienced these sharp shooting needle like pains in my chest, more to the middle than left side. They happened a about three days ago, yesterday and about 5 mins ago while driving. It is so strange that it frightens me. So I need suggestions, please! They last about 8 secs, 2-3 secs per stab :( So about 3 or 4 stabs each time. I haven't had time to try breathing or stretching or anything to fix it since I am usually doing something while they happen. I sort of just like stop and make a paining face and they go away. I guess I have placed my hand over my chest but not in motion to try and calm it or whatever, more of a reaction. I don't know. Maybe I should see someone and maybe not. My budget is kind of tight :/