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Yesterday, my 5 yr old brother was playing with my big brother.. when he was about to struck my big brother, my big brother get out of the way and my baby brother bump his chest to a cement chair.. its really a big impact. we were alarmed when he cried and acted like out of breathe. So my sister hurriedly got a glass of water.. after drinking it, he got his breathe.. is there any serious problems happened at that incident? :'( please answer me..


Hi Jen,

How is he now?

If he is having trouble breathing, such as he can't speak a full sentence, then take him to his doctor or the emergency room.

There is a lining in the lungs that allows the tissues to "slide" freely.  Sometimes after a trauma that lining is damaged and it can cause "pleurisy."  The lining sticks and it gets hard to breath.  It may not show up for a few days too.

Basically though, kids are tough.  Just keep an eye on him for a few days.

Hope it helps.