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I have mild pain/discomfort in the right testis, epididymis, and the right pelvic area. Normally it's not painful. I only feel pain when I touch those areas, sit for too long, or have some physical activities. I went to the doctor. My prostate was checked and was normal. Ultrasound came back negative. So I was diagnosed of epididymitis and was put on ciprofloxacin 500mg for 2 weeks. However, I read that ciprofloxacin has many severe side effects, especially on the joints/tendons (my joints are not very good, though I don't have any "official" joint problem). I wonder if ciprofloxacin is necessary or an overkill for my case (mild pain/discomfort). I haven't taken the med. Should I ask my doctor for an alternative med with less severe side effects?


Hi Tim,

Take the ciprofloxacin.  It's a very common antibiotic and has good results for epididymytis.

You aren't going to be on it for that long.  Most of the side effects that you are concerned about are for those over 60 who have preexisting conditions.

If you look up ANY medication you can scare yourself by reading the side effects.  There is a risk/benefit to all medications. 

Trust your doctor.