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I'v had it >;) >;) this is the last straw i have booked in for lap banding last straw ! ! ...
i am sick of diets and pills and shakes and overexcercising............. i am FAT i eat to much for my height but i can't help it ... i eat a healthy diet i walk kids to school and back and to shop etc i eliminated chips and sweets from my home i am still fat 2 years later... i finish what is on my plate i drink diet soft drink and i have had it stop telling me how great you are for loosing weight i don't care good for you but stop it


In my opinion, once fat always fat. And those people who had any success with weight loss pills, didn’t manage to stay fit-I can tell you that for sure.

I’ve been on numerous diets and I would manage to lose weight, maintain it for a couple of months and go back to where I was at the beginning. Overweight.
Luckily, people around me got used of the idea me being chubby and many of them say, they wouldn’t want me the other way, although I disagree ofcourse.

Being a parent definitely makes things worse as you don’t have so much time to organize yourself. The things you do ( eliminate sweets, walk, eat healthy) should have helped you but maybe not if you are obese. How much to you weight?

In case you are obese, you may need doctors help and with properly organized meals and light exercise I am sure you can reach a goal if you’re persistent enough.

Here you are, ended up with another ex-fat telling you what to do but honestly I believe there’s light at the end of the tunnel for everybody in this endless fight called weight loss.
It is, of course, up to you how and whether you will maintain your reached goal.

By the way, I’m overweight again.