I dont half feel sorry for us women. Im 17 coming on 18 and since the past 2 to 3 years i have had water infections and there gradually getting worse. Iv got to the point where i sit on the toilet for atleast half hour with my head resting on that bath waitin for the next wee, sounds like a sap but its getting way too emotional for me now if anythink i feel sorry for my lovely man! we thought we must have somethink but both have been checked and everythinks clear.. I jus dont understand, i love my water its all i ever drinks, never really touched canberry juice but i shall buy it today. I goes to the toilet before and after sex to get it out my system and washes myself atleast 5 times aday! I did hear soap can be acause but iv learnt the tip from my doctors of what not to do as some silly women do haha. I cant explain how annoying this feeling is, i constant feels discusting, frustrated, + very irratated that i snaps at anyone when i feel this way! Iv even got to the terms of sleeping it off or just laying down naked, only things that helps it stop. Somehow there needs to be a cure that will get rid of this compeletly cos if any of you women are feeling like me, then god help up cos i feels like im guna go insane sooner or later haha, takecare all