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I have a question about this Syndrome I was just diagnosed with Lupus and I was also Advised by my specialist that I also have Sjorgens Syndrome, but I was looking at some of the test to determine this syndrome, and my doctor just took blood work to determine That I have this disease. Is that enough information to determine this syndrome, or Is that all they needed was the blood work?


If a doctor has enough experience, going through your symptoms, medical history, general health, alcohol use, smoking, medications and blood tests, they may be capable of diagnosing the disease this way.

S/he will probably examine your eyes, mouth and even perform a complete physical exam to check for other signs of Sjogren's.

Mouth and eye tests include schirmer test, staining with vital dyes to check if there is a damage to the surface of the eye resulting from dryness, slit lamp exam to check the dryness severity and possible eye inflammations, mouth exam to check for swollen salivary glands, and may perform a salivary gland biopsy of the lip.

To check if other body parts are affected, a doc may order blood tests, immunological tests, sjogrens antibodies, chest x-rays, etc