Hi so a couple of weeks ago I noticed the skin around my vagina was very red and bumpy, I didn't think much of it until a few days later when it started itching heaps. Since thing it's gotten worse and it now hurts when I pee. I've been researching online to try and find out what it is but there is so many I don't know what I have! I'm really nervous and I haven't told my mum yet because I'm worried I'll have to go to the doctor and have them look at it. Again it's very itchy, red and there's lots of red bumps surrounding the bottom half of my vagina and part of my bottom. Please help!! Btw my discharge has been normal and I got my first period 3 months ago but not since (I'm not sexually active) the only other thing different is even if I don't need to pee randomly throughout the day a tiny bit of pee will come out, not when I'm laughing or anything just out of nowhere. Also I'm not sure it's actually pee because it's clear but it doesn't smell like pee. Please help thankyou!!