Ever since about a year and a half ago I've been having really bad itching and it seems to be triggered in various ways. The first is if my skin is in close contact to say my shirt and my shirt rubs against my back a lot or just lays against my back, it gets really irritated and itches like crazy to the point I need to be somewhere cold for my skin to calm down, in front of a fan or wherever it may be. The second is hard for me to explain correctly but basically if I am flustered for some reason, irritated or annoyed badly, my skin can do this as well. The third is especially about spring/summer heat, if it is hot outside whether I am outside or inside, my skin gets too hot from that and itches then as well.

This makes it almost impossible for me to be out and about, doing any activity without my skin getting this irritated and itching like crazy. I can't even go to Walmart and search for too long before my skin just "freaks out." To put into perspective of any other possible cause, I want to tell you that I have also suffered a lot of depression over the past 2 years and 1 month due to a thyroid/heart problem (though they kinda go hand in hand I guess, and yes I am taking medication for my thyroid and heartbeat problems) and basically worried myself "to death." Could this be an extreme case of a form of hives or other things stress can bring on? I am still fairly much stressed out about things in my life (been this stressed ever since 2 years ago on that day I discovered my thyroid/heart problem) so it could possibly be that.

I also very recently, being basically 20 minutes ago, stumbled upon a post on another website by a person going by the username of TimeHealsAll that I read through and at the end there's something about Demodex Parasites that caught my eye. The person seems to have had the same type of problem going on that I do and says they used a special soap that had Sea Buckthorn oil in it and finally the person was at relief and the itching was gone. Could what I am experiencing possibly be Demodex Parasites?

Either way this coming friday I am going to be going to my doctor to get blood drawn for a thyroid checkup so I will bring this up then. Only reason I haven't the past year or so is because I figured maybe it was just something about my thyroid as a side effect or...w/e it could be. Basically I just figured washing would fix this but I can hardly even wash like I should because even then my skin starts to itch severely after about 8 minutes. I won't lie either and I'm ashamed of this but I didn't wash myself well before this either, I didn't wash myself much at all. If anything it'd be my hands but....ya. I don't fully know if it could be just so much dirt doing this or what but in terms of washing I want to change myself but first I've got to solve this problem to take care of myself washing wise. I did take showers before this when needed and also after, just bearing the severe itching. I'm embarrassed to talk about this but know I do want to change myself for the better.

Also, my skin does appear to get red when this occurs, mostly my face from what I've seen in the mirror. My back I have no idea....just never used 2 mirrors to check by myself or been smart enough to just get someone else to look...