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Hi everyone. I have this odd problem for 2 months now. My skin itches everytime I take a bath or shower. The itching lasts for 5 or 10 minutes and then it stops. It affects upper arms, thighs and torso. I tried many mild shower gels and baths for sensitive skin but nothing helps. I still haven't visited my dermatologist because the problem is not severe, just annoying. Do you know what could be causing this? Can you suggest baths that will help me with itching?


Hi. It could be a reaction between the chemicals in the water and the soap/product you use. Natural soaps can help against itching. Try changing up your products that you use for the showering or bath. It could be an allergy, but you should check each one you use to see if there is any kind of pattern. For a relief you may use a baby powder or baby oil. Also, coconut oil works well as a relief. You might have aquagenic pruritus as well, which is a skin condition characterized by severe, intense and prickling-like itching without visible skin lesions. This condition is usually evoked by contact with water. In this case, I'd suggest you to visit your dermatologist.