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This drives me crazy. My skin is itching, especially after taking bath. I've no rash, just that horrible itchy feeling.


Itching can be due to both internal and external causes.  Dryness of the skin caused by water that is too hot or irritating soaps, among other causes, can make the skin itchy without much evidence of a rash.

There is also a long list of internal conditions, including thyroid problems, anemia, allergies to medications and many others, that can cause itching without any rashes, including itching that gets worse after bathing or showering.  This type of itching, the kind that doesn't have any signs of a rash on the skin, requires a workup including blood, urine and stool tests and a chest xray to rule out any of the possible internal conditions.  Please see a board certified dermatologist for a more definitive diagnosis and treatment.

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