Hi guys i have been having problem with my scrotum its kinda get white and dry i have been going to doctor for about 10 times and i have been using medications for so long i have tried 7 yest infection medication on my scrotum it did help the itching part but my skin is kinda hard its feels like its peeling and it wants to come off I have no Std i did tests with my doctor and i did another infection bacteria tested for my scrotum in the test shows that there is no more Yest infection in that area and everything it's normal and healthy i asked my doctor please help me he reffed me to another doctor Dermatologist for skin care Specialty and guise what ITS TAKES 1 YEAR TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!!! WTF RIGHT? so here is my question can anyone help me with my problem that i have been having please And also on internet i heard using Aloe Vera helps a lot for this problem can someone please help me how to fix this problem and what kind of Aloe Vera product should i buy please pond im very healthy teenager i do work out exercises no smoking no alocholing please help me