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I am a healthy 26 year old female. I have been overweight (not enough to concern my doctors) for about 8 years with no problems. I have always had normal skin, occasionally dry, fairly clear with a few exceptions during stressful times, and no excess oil to speak of. I used to wear makeup almost everyday, but now it is only two or three times a week due to the oil. I use Bare Minerals for my foundation and Almay products otherwise. I have very fair and sensitive skin. I had been taking birth control pills, but the expense became too much for me so I stopped in August. Since then, I have not had a period or even spotting.

In mid-December, my face developed an orange peel-like texture for a few days. At the time, I was using a Noxema skin product for normal skin. Within a week, my skin became EXCESSIVELY oily, so much that I can actually feel the weight of the oil on my skin. I have started breaking out constantly, with no less than eight or nine whiteheads or zits at one time. I tried Proactive for three weeks with no visible improvement, even though it had helped me in the past. I currently am trying Almay's three step cleansers for oily skin, only for about a week, with no noticeable results.

Also during the last month, I have started having night sweats and I wake up sweaty and dripping with damp sheets and pillows at least three times a week. My sex drive has drastically altered and I am having difficulty engaging in sexual intercourse and difficulty reaching orgasm. I was thinking that I was exhibiting some signs of perimenopause, but I'm not terribly sure, and I do not have the money or health insurance to figure it out. I would like to know if anyone has had an experience like this, and is there an economical way I can deal with my facial skin until I get health insurance?


I don't know what is happening to you on a health level but i have very oily skin too and i never used proactive or anything like that. I use a simple cleaner like clean and clear or w/e on the selves. you makes want to try to oxygen one. and nitrogen's one min. face mask i use it everyday and it's really good. also carry around does little blue oil sheets it helps.