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Hello, thanks for reading, i was wondering if you could give me some tips or advice about having an oily skin, mainly the forehead, about 2 hours after i wash my face  with Asepxia (anti bacterial soap), my face starts to get oily, is there anything i can do? thanks.


  1. don not use moisturizer because most chances are it will have oil in it and make your skin more oily.
  2. Use a cleanser that is oil free.
  3. Eat better, foods such as chocolate, french fries and soda,cause oily skin and acne.
  4. Don't over wash your face because it will dry out your skin and signal your glands to produce more oil.
  5. Use a toner for your face, trust me it helps.
  6. Use oil blotting sheets, they work amazing when you are at school or work and need to freshen up your face.