I've had this since getting molars pulled many years ago. Periodontist states it's nothing but bone. It is located right off the gum area and toward midline. 10 days ago i came down with a virus (first thought sinus inf, but azithromycin did not help and it's had to run it's course) I feel better now, but just beyond the "bone bulge", near where the hard and soft palates meet, there is a slightly raised area (not visible) that seems to flare up, then go down, etc etc etc. I saw my ENT just prior to getting this virus, so nothing was mentioned...or observed, although my throat/mouth/neck were observed and palpated. I do have a slightly swollen sub-mandibular gland which dr is sure is okay, but will check again in 6 weeks. I still have laryngitis from the virus, but voice is s-l-o-w-l-y coming back.
Since I had a parotid gland tumor removed 3 yrs ago from my neck (pleomorphic adenoma - benign), I'm again worried. While using Google last night, I saw a site that stated these these tumors can also appear *inside* the mouth! I never knew this!! Is this correct?
I know I have to go back to ENT, but am freaking out in the meanwhile.
Any thoughts?
Thank you.