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Okay so I am frustrated, concerned and not sure what to do.

The beginning of last November while I was off at college I had was having sex and it felt kind of painful, I stopped, thinking it was dry and went back to bed. The next morning I was itchy, burning and swollen.
(Just for some background the I have been with the same guy since August of last year. We both got tested before we started having sex and we both came up clean. We have both have been faithful so I don't think it is an STD.)
I thought my bodies ph might be out-of-wack so I went off my pills to have a period and see if my body would straighten itself out. During my period the pain started to go away and for a week afterword I was back to having avid sex. After that week the pain came back, swelling itching, burning (especially when I peed), ect. I thought I might have a yeast infection so I went and got Monistat and tried that. It didn't help so I scheduled an appointment with the college free clinic. The first time I went they said all I had was a urinary tract infection and gave me antibiotics. The symptoms continued and I went back and they said it was the same thing and gave me more antibiotics. They didn't help and the pain just got worse and the itching continued until the skin started peeling on my labia, not in big strips but kind of small and flaky, like having toilet paper stuck to you. So I went back and got a full on exam and got tested for a few different things, can't remember what they all were but the health care lady sent some swabs off. She also said while examining me that she didn't see any lesions or anything like that. I was sent back and got my results back all negative. By then it was January and I felt like I had been suffering with the situation for too long the worst part being not being able to have sex because it is painful and dry. So I went in for an exam one last time. This time the culture came back saying there was a tiny bit of yeast. They gave me some yeast infection pills and sent me on my way. The pain, burning, itching and swelling went away in the first day and the skin peeling went away in a couple weeks.
Since then though the skin peeling has come and gone since January sometimes a little sometimes a lot without any pain so I thought it was okay and just found it annoying more then anything. I could again have sex with my partner and have been able to freely do that since.
Just a week ago I started having pain with sex and the next morning I woke up to intense skin peeling on the inside and the outside of my labia menora. The skin is very red and irritated, it doesn't look dry but shinny and it is worm and swollen to the touch. It is super itchy and very uncomfortable both with the itch and the burn, going to the bathroom is also not fun. I just moved to a new place for the summer and I hate going to doctors I don't know and being touched by them. Is it just another yeast infection or is it something that just never went away? I am super uncomfortable, it is not agonizing but it is not pleasant to say the least? Is there any one who can help me figure this out so if I have to go to the doctor I can at least have a better idea of what I am dealing with.


Hello, did you find out what was going on with your body? I am experiencing the exact same symptoms. I was previously diagnosed with medium grade HPV, had a LEEP procedure done and now going through the itching, burning, skin peeling experience. I don't think this has anything to do with HPV. Please let me know if you any new info to share.