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im 18 and i've had these small red bumps on the head of my penis. sometimes it itches, most of the time it doesnt. i thought it was just irritation but it's been about 1 1/2 month and it's still there. It could be from the condom i've been using but at times i've had unprotected sex. the red bumps have multiplied and some have white heads. sometimes it looks as if the head was peeling sking. after i shower the skin on my penis gets ashy as well. also a few days ago my gf has had this odor and white-ish discharge on her vagina, she says it feels like she has bumps on the side of it. it also itches sometimes. can anyone help?


I hope you saw a Dr. and got treatment for your problem. Anytime an area creats puss,it is not good, and you should seek help from a DR.