...So my belly button inside, has always smelled..as stupid as it sounds I never knew it was something we had to wash? I figured soap and water gets in there so..? This happened a while ago but, at first I noticed some soreness around my belly button. The days past and it got worse, the area around my belly button was not only more sore but had a hardness around the area?? Like a bubble. One day I saw brown yellowish liquid in my belly button! And when I went to clean it I squealed the area and more came out!! Like squeezing puss out. The stench was so horrible. I was so embarrassed I never told anyone.. My belly button still smells, and I've tried looking up the possible diagnosis to stop it, but I'm at a loss. And I'm too disgusted and embarrassed to tell anyone or see a doctor..is there anyone who can tell me what is causing this??