Im 19 years old and last week i had the abortion. I wish I never had it I regret it everyday. When I was pregnant I never once had a fight with my partner and it felt good to be a mum for a short period of time. I wanted to tell everyone the good news but I knew straight away when I saw that I was pregnant I knew I had to give it up.. I was having so much trouble with it from the start that the doctors knew that I was going to miscarriage.. My mum and sister have had problems with there first and I knew that I would also have so much trouble with my first. I have medical problems and suffer bad deppression. and I have no job and have family problems. I feel so terrible for what I did ever since I have had the abortion I have had fights with my partner everyday over stupid things and it would be once a day it would be three four times. I really hate this feeling and I dont know what to do. I hate what I'm putting my partner through and i dont want to hurt him anymore I am worried about our relationship because of me and I just wish I was still pregnant. when I knew I was safe and wouldnt lose him. I just want my baby back. :'(