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There is this boy i met last year in 2011, and i met him online. Yes i saw him about 3 times b4 in real life, and he only saw me once, Because i was afraid to say hi to him. When he saw me i finally told him hi but we didnt talk for long because i had to go . But we where pretty close , we always talked on the phone (EVERYDAY) For about 7 months,  and from the first time i saw him online i fell in love with him , up to now i still havent get over him like ,  i deleted him off of facebook about 4 months ago because i tought it was the best way to get over him . Before i deleted him he turned 18 and he stopped talking to me a little and he had a girlfriend, So eventually i really didnt know what to do , Its like just everything about him made me happy, and i love him so much . I tried to add him back but he didnt add me back he just  left the request there soo i canceld the request now everyday i want to tell him sorry, he no longer has a girlfriend, i know because his account on facebook is not private. I Never in my life felt this way about someone , like every single day i think about him and it makes me sad to know we are no longer friends. He told me that he liked me , but he probably told me that so i wouldnt feel bad. Please Tell me why i feel this way about him? Its bin anyear and a few months i havent get over this boy and its kinda blocking me from loving any other boy.



I have liked a boy for 6 years now, and still not been able to tell him. I rarely see him and he doesn't have Facebook. Luckily I will have a period of time to tell him soon and I will. It's oubvious you love this boy as much as I love mine, and after the first months of separation I felt the same. Do you know where this boy goes to school? If you end earlier than him, wait outside the school and tell him when he comes out that you're sorry and you deleted him because you liked him for awhile and you wanted to move on but you couldn't. Tell him everything and he'll understand, but don't lie. If you end later, find out if he does sports or is going to go to the movies sometime or something, and "turn up" at the same place. Tell him, this normally works as the face-2-face is the best way and just apologize. The worst that could happen is a reject, so give it your best shot! Go get him!