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Hi Im 13 and I weigh 161 pounds. I feel horrible because I want to lose weight, I try to go on a diet then I always start sraving, and when I fail that diet I stress eat. I need to atleat lose 45 pounds in a month to keep me at normal weight. So please help !


Hi Guest,

You are not going to lose 45 pounds in a month - even if you didn't eat at all.

It's also NOT HEALTHY.

Start by a visit to your doctor - seriously.  There can be medical reasons as to why you're heavy.  It's also important to have a check up before starting on any diet/exercise plan.  Yes, they go together.  It's not just stopping eating but upping your level of activity.

Be sure to eat a breakfast too.  It jump starts your metabolism in the morning so that you burn more calories.  Cut out starches (breads, chips, potatoes, even pizza).  Watch juices as they can be high in sugar.  You can eat, just watch what you eat.  You might also start each meal with a glass of water.  It'll help you feel "full" sooner.

Good luck.