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Iv been married to my husband for two years. I moved out of my country to another one for him and his family. I left everything behind. I do not have a job and he supports me financially. Most of the times we get along. But Sometimes when we get into fights he becomes physically abusive. This makes me hit him to to defend myself. He's given me a black eye and a number of bruises. It's hard for me to just pack up and move back to another country with out and money. I feel trapped and alone. I'm not sure what I should do. He makes excuses like I don't ever see what I do wrong but I no that doesn't give him the right to hurt me. I just don't know what to do financially. Any advice will help and I'm just wondering if anyone has been in this situation before! Please help me and tell me if I should leave him and go back to nothing or stay with him awhile longer to be financially stable.


Hi Hurt,

We don't know your immigration/visa status but NO ONE should stay in an abusive relationship.

The next time he hits you, call the police.  You ARE a victim.  He knows very well that you'd be afraid to actually go to the authorities - but do it.  They will help you through this.  His family should be ashamed - if they know.  Hi excuses DO NOT give him the right to hurt you.

Be glad there are no children.

I'm sorry you are having to go through this.  There are men out there that would be glad to have you as a wife/partner and treat you as YOU deserve to be.

Hang in there.