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I am confused, perhaps I should see a doctor, but I'm at a college and the health clinic is only open during the week, and I want to know if I should see a doctor before it opens again. I have these sores on the sides of my crotch, and some bumpiness, but more in bumpy strips. On one side there is dryness in the skin. I can't quite place what it is that I have, at least according to on line symptoms of different things (such as herpes, genital warts or jock itch). It seems like I have symptoms from each, but the specific combination isn't found. If anyone knows what it might be, that would be helpful. Thank you much.



Well, you haven't described your bumps. You only said they look like all of the possible bumps. Did they appear suddenly? Do you have any additional symptoms like itching, burning, pain,.....what do the bumps look like, need to provide details, so we could help out.