I Ruptured my spleen on 3/27/18 and have been coming along nicely. The doctor has just stated that i shouldn’t participate in any contact sports (obviously) but i was wondering is it ok to get back into my normal routine of things (i.e. cooking,laundry, vacuuming) on my own? I know i also can’t lift but I’m going crazy just sitting and walking throughout the day. What low impact excises can i do that would be safe? And what would cause it to re rupture again? That’s been on my mind as well..I get nervous about everything i do cause i think it’s going to rupture again. Would it have to be great force to re rupture or since it’s vulnerable would it be easier for it to happen? 


Sorry for for all the questions but my mind races and the anxiety about it is getting to me. Thank you in advance.