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Hello all, I am still very new to all this stuff. My doctor has me splitting my lantus dose. I know that some people take it once-daily. Isn't it supposed to last 24 hours or more. Isn't it suppose to be extended release. Well I'm thinking maybe I'm not getting off to a good start. Is anyone out there familiar with this. Am I okay or do I need to go back and talk to my doctor about taking lantus once-daily. I know it would be less likely for me to forget taking it. Several times now I forgot to take it in the evening. Once it's time for me to go to bed, that's all I can think about. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.


Hi, As far as I know, splitting lantus is a great start. According to the literature it stabilizes BG better than once-daily. Tests have been done that demonstrate that lantus strength at 10 hours is about 3 times greater than it is at 20 hours. If this matches your basal requirements than that's okay I guess. But for many of us that is not true. If you are still making a fair amount of insulin on your own, once-daily will work for you but for those of us who are producing very little insulin once-daily doesn't cut it. I'm not sure what made you think that splitting lantus was not a good idea but I hope that is corrected now. I've been on a split dose for 5 years now and I have my BG under control. In the beginning, I forgot to take a few of my doses in the evening but then I set my alarm clock to help me remember. Since you've forgotten to take your evening dose, try to use the alarm clock trick. It works like a champ. You, know it takes time to learn all the things you need to know about diabetes but you'll get there. These forums are a great way of getting information.