Hello...I'm hoping for some advice. Okay...My last period started on Sept. 27th and ended on Oct. 1 or 2. My husband and I had sex almost everyday after my period ended ( 2-9 ). Then on the 11th (15th day of cycle) I had some light browish/pinkish spotting for only 2 days. I thought I was getting my period early. Now I'm expecting my period today (25th) through the 31st. But today (25th) I had some light spotting again this time very little and it was pinkish/redish/brownish. I don't feel any pregnancy symptoms that I know of. My chest might be a little bit swollen but no pain or anything. Could I be pregnant or just getting ready for my period. Even though I think the only last time that I spotted was when I was pregnant with my first child but I don't remember when it happened with her. I could use some advice...Thanks