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Had emergency gallbladder removal after speaking with a surgeon. The surgeon said he's catarize the removal site. 2 weeks after surgery I went to an Orthopedic to explore cronic back pain and at the last minute the doctor decided to perform an x-ray instead of a MRI. Thanks God, too. The x-rays revealed a staple or something metallic which would of ripped out during the MRI!!

It seems that from a professional stand point the doctor who removed the gallbladder would of said something about there now being metal in my body. Now, 14 days after surgery, the area where my gall bladder was feels like it's swelling up. I feel the worst is yest to come.

Who do these doctors think they are to invade my body and keep me so uninformed? Anyone else experience this?

Leonard Solis, Denver


Surgical staples pose no risk 4-6 weeks after surgery.

It is a common misconception in MRI imaging. Objects that are attracted to magnets cause problems with MRI--such as the described skin ripping. Not all metal objects are attracted to magnets.

Surgical Staples and nowadays most knee implants can safely enter the magnetic field.

I do agree that your surgeon should have been more specific about what he was going to do or inform you of any changes to the plan post-operatively.