I am an 18 year male. i have had sex with four women and one time i had unprotected sex with a girl who had HPV. i never had any symptoms but recently i have had sex with my girlfriend and after i have had a burning sensation when i urinate as well as some white or clear discharge even when not urinating. The symptoms only last about a few days but have happened two of the three times i have had sex with her. I have used latex condoms and think that might be the problem (hoping actually) but not sure if i am allergic to latex. Is it an allergy that you can develop? The bizzare thing is that before this relationship i have never had asny symtoms of tthis sort and she has been checked. i have no idea what to think of all this mess. I live along the foothills in Glendora Ca. and need help finding a place to go get tested. can you help me?