i had the op to remove my polyps back in march 08, had a huge one in my right side that went right up to my brain! they was removed successfully

after that my smell and taste was back,,,which was AMAZING! but now it comes and goes! Really annoying..smelling is like the best sense in the world when u have it....i get it over the day come and go! and my taste is non existent...i can have a table spoon of cod liver oil and not taste it one bit! it makes food boring now Sad..but the thing is, when i blow out of my nose hard and have something near my nose to smell i can!! so it seems something is blocking it again?

i haven’t really gone back to doctors to ask as I thought that’s what is expected when having the op..

Can i do anything to get my smell back errantly or a couple of taste buds back!! PLEASE HELP