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I had this same problem. In high school in my english class I was always anxious cause I hated to be called on. My stomach would get tight and anxious and start gurgling and talking and stuff. As time went on I noticed how loud it was, and then I got anxious about my stomach gurgling which caused it to gurgle more. So even now when I'm nervous or anxious the same thing still happens. But anyways I talked to someone and they told me to relax, by concentrating on my breathing. When inhaling slowly make sure your stomach is going out and in when you exhale. This helped me out so much not only with the gurgling but also it helped me to relax, like before and during a job interview, on dates, auditons for whatever.
Well enough about that I hope this helps.


Hello! I would like to add something to your post. I am sure that your technique works if everything’s in order. However, what if everything’s not in order?

I neglected my stomach sounds pretending it was nothing and a normal process although it happened more than often (the gurgling).
Then my stomach started to bloat after every meal although I would eat little and feel full. So, I had it checked and was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome.

Even though it could be just the normal sound of food, air and gas moving through the digestive system, I would still recommend having it checked if the gurgling sounds persisted.