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I have a gurgling sound when exhaling or inhaling deeply. It comes from the left side of my chest, just under my rib cage. I can literally feel the bubbles move under my hand sometimes. I am 42 year old female, smoker, 1 pack a day (trying to quit). I have had diverticulitis in the past and having mild symptoms of it now. The sound seems to generate below my left lung, maybe close to my spleen and pancreas. Or could it be a hole in my diaphragm?

I won't go into all of my other ailments yet. Too many.



even though the problem still might be related to your diaphragm, it would be best if you could see a pulmonologist and have your lungs x-rayed and listened to by a professional. Some conditions, such as a presence of liquid in lungs can cause these gurgling sounds and since this condition can be very dangerous if untreated, like I said, if you can, see a pulmonologist, even more so because you say you suffer from diverticulitis and other conditions besides this,

Wish you all the best,