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hello ate some strawberries the other day and woke up with diarreha the nex t morning and then it went away then i got diarreha the following day too but only once and i got real weak and tired then i got this pain in the abdominal area around the belly button and it bothered me and i didnt want to eat and i got real tired and then i got a fever and now i feel better but still feel weak and get tired alot from nothing i still feel warn at times no more pain in stomach just weak now


Maybe you should see a doc and have an allergy test to see if you are allergic to strawberries! Although the most common symptoms of strawberry allergy are itching and swelling of the mouth and throat, maybe you reacted differently.

There are people who are allergic to strawberry and Swedish scientists have found this protein in the strawberry that is responsible for allergic reactions, this protein may resemble the allergen found in birch pollen. This protein is only found in red strawberries and not in white strawberry varieties.

Although your symptoms do resemble common stomach virus symptoms, why not have it checked?