Diets don't work. Stop calling them that and don't use diet pills except in very extreme conditions. Stop cutting your stomaches just isn't the answer.

The answers are this and it is quite simple.

1. Eliminate stress. Stress adds weight.

2. If you are snoring at night, be checked for sleep apnea. This adds weight, especially to men.

3. Stop eating fast food. Fast food is deadly. If you don't think it is, watch Super Size Me. Then think about how you feel when you eat fast food. Countries who don't depend on fast food are skinny..........shocker.

4. Stop eating the large proportions they give in a resturant. Eat half. Split with a spouse. Saves money and weight.

5. Don't skip meals. Your body is a fine tuned machine that knows if it is getting low on fuel. When you skip, your body goes into starvation mode and stores fat. Eat more often, small amounts and vary your choices so you get all the right things.

6. Forgive your parents, stop blaming them, stop blaming yourself, stop worrying. It can be done, you just have to make the choice to be happy.

7. Think thin

8. Love yourself and be kind to yourself.

I've lost 60 pounds to date doing these things and still going.