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Yesterday i was sitting in class, sudenly I had the strangest pain in my rectus, i was so uncomfertable and felt like crying. This morning I woke up with striking pain in my bladder or in that area, I was nausious and out of energy , i went to the bathroom but did not feel better, walking down the stares i felt like fainting, I was all white and gray in the face. It lasted for about an hour.I now have this strange pulling feeling in my bladderl area, it almost feels like I cant stand up straight and even sitting down is not comfortable.

Thank you for reading all about my pain, I hope you can help me, Its strange because I never get ill!


Hi there,

How old are you? Is there a chance that this could be caused by a stone in your kidney? There are several things that can affectyour bladder like interstitial cycstitis. This is a condition where your bladder gets inflamed and irritated. This may cause bladder to have problems when it fills with urine which than will cause pain in the area around bladder. You can confirm this by doing a urine test at the hospital. But for the pain you can always take over the counter medication like pain killers. This might be also caused by urinary tract infection which will definitely present as pain in you penis and burning when you urinate.

All the best,