lax seed is the answer! To all of you still trying to help your child, please try it ASAP:

Mix 1 teaspoon of flax seed oil with 3 teaspoons of prune sauce preferably (or your child's favorite fruit sauce if he/she won't take the prune sauce). Give this TWICE a day (evening and morning) for the first week, then switch to ONCE a day every second day for the next week and see how is going. If all is OK by then switch to twice a week.

They sell flax seed oil at Health Food Stores, Specialty stores and even supermarkets. Buy organic if you can and without any flavor, and for the prune sauce Heinz sells an organic kind that tastes really nice.

The poop will be nice and soft and your child will loose the fear to poop. The first few days it may take some convincing on your part , just reassure him/her not to be afraid and that you have fixed the poop and it will come out nice and soft and it won't hurt anymore (keep reassuring this constantly until your baby believes you!).

I also told my 3 year old that the prune sauce was the secret to make her poop soft and that's why she must eat it sometimes. Now she even asks for when it's time to poop!. She is so happy now, and so proud she can poop on her own!, and we are so happy and relieved after trying everything during 2 very painful years.
Please update your info and let everyone know how it working out for you.