My pain management doctor put me on suboxone back in 2010 to help me transfer from hydrocodone and a fentanyl patch to another agent to manage my lumbar pain. It is 9-16-2016 and my pain doctor left me on suboxone indicating the opiate in it buprenorphine can help manage my pain. And for the most part the buprenorphine has done a fine job of controlling my pain.However , starting back in 2012 up todate I have had sever oral problems anything from a sore mouth , tongue and gums to bone and tooth loss. When all these oral problems started back in 2012 I tried asking on several occasions my doctors , dentist , periodontist , pharmacist and the FDA if the buprenorphine could be causing the problems but no one knew.?  Can suboxone: buprenorphine and naloxone sublingual tablets cause sever oral issues.? 

Please Help