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Hi, I've been on sub since 2006, I started shaving pieces off my 8 mg tab 3 weeks ago ( literally grain size) It's time to get off this.. Today was day 4 of no sub. I imagine this could get pretty ugly, but whatever. So, I guess I'm asking if it will be easier since I started lowering my dose before jumping off. I am quite miserable, but that's totally fine, this too shall pass. I had no idea what I was getting into when I was given this in treatment back in 06.


I'm no doctor. But I am in recovery. 14 years now.  I do know that without some kind of support group, it doesn't matter what you take or what doctors perscribe, the addiction will never go away, and you will be playing russion roullete.  Build your foundation before you get off of them.  since 06.. that is a long time.  Go to an NA meeting and get a sponsor right away. One that you see has a lot of time and who is somewhat like you.  Its always better if you can relate.  Get some friends who aren't in the disease and stick with them.  They will give you support.  STay away from places that are triggers.  I haven't stepped foot in a bar in 14 years and hey.. look at me.. i didn't fall down dead like i thought i would before i got sober.  Find a hobby, do it with a friend so you have someone to enjoy it with.  Nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it.  Honestely if you asked me 14 years ago if I thought I would stay sober. I would say hell no.  Not possible.  But now, my life is so much better.  Its not that i don't think about it. I just don't dwell on the thought. I change what I'm thinking about or i call someone, beccause yes, life can be hard sometimes.  But you can do this.  Talk to your doctor too, let him/her know what you want to do so they can monitor you.  Good luck!  Will keep you in my prayers.