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3 weeks ago exactly, I had a medical abortion. I bled heavily for the first week but after that it died down alot, and came out as brown blood, like the end of a period and there was so little I could get away with wearing pantyliners instead of sanitary towels. about 4 days ago I noticed 'fresh' blood starting to come out, and alot more of it. I have also had blood clots again, only tiny ones but there still there, like during a normal period. I had the implant fitted 2 weeks ago tomorrow, and i'm wondering if this could be the cause, or if I should be concerned?


is the implant fitted a type of contraception.  Please read up on all types of contraception.  The safest contraception is condoms.  The iuds are all cancerous please read up on goggle about contraception before taking.  I almost bout an IUD when I read up on it did not buy it anymore