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I first got this skin problem were it didn't go on my left thumb and little finger about 5 years ago and was given a moisturizer called doublebase which at 1st worked well and kept it under some sort of control. But after a year it got worse, first small tiny blisters appeared and then tiny white spots which are hot and extremely painful, my skin thicken and cracked, this can last for weeks before it peels but always comes back within 24 hours.

Like many of you when put in hot water blister appear, soap and cleaning product make it worse.

One thing I did find out recently on a stay at my sisters house is that HARD water makes it worse, I couldn't believe how bad my left hand got while there, more blisters and white spots, the skin thickened so much that my finger and thumb were double the size of the one's on my other hand. What was scary is that it also started to spread to the palm, other fingers and my right hand, I couldn't wait to get home. It as been about 4 week now and my right hand as cleared completely, so I just have it on my thumb and little finger and a few blister on the palm of my left hand

Also which could be a factor is I only ever got this when I was pregnant and 5 years ago I had an huge increase in my hormone levels, now being tested for the menopause, when pregnant I did find PRIMROSE OIL helped so I have just started taking this again to see if it will help this time.



have you seen a dermatologist during all this time? Since the rash, as I understood it, keeps coming back in relatively short time after it clears, it might be caused by bacterial or viral infection so it might be worth to visit a dermatologist now and just get a professional opinion on this.

Also, besides the primrose oil, you also might need a more precise treatment, either with topical steroids to stop this inflammation, or if it turns out the infection is causing the blisters to form, or with antiviral/ antibacterial topical cream,

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I have never seen a dermatologist so that is something I will mention to my doctor when I see him next week and hopefully they may know more.
I have had tried loads of different creams in the past some with steroids but my doctor feels that they are no longer suitable for me to use anymore.