I've had this for far to long and it sounds exactly like what you are all describing. Dr. James G. Porterfield , Cardiology and Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology, is my doctor and a leading specialist in the field...You may want to call his office and ask for info regarding this or find someone close to you that may specialize in this. Here's his site http://acmemphis.com/faq.html

I hope this helps. I have to tell you it's remarkable what some doctors will tell you just to keep you coming back just so they can drain your medical insurance...I want to 3 different local cardiologists here in Memphis and all of them knew what I had and in fact were all well aware of Dr Porterfield since they had all been to a seminar he had given and ran in the same circles...Right now I'm in the right meds to keeps the symptoms to a minimum and for some a Procedure Called an Ablation might actually stop the symptoms (This is not 100% by any means but worth a try). Do some research and here's to all of yours good health. Let me know if this helps I'll be on from time to time...

It's scary as hell I should know I've had more than my fair share. In fact hit the ER just last Friday. In most instances it's not fatal here are some tricks to get it back under control again not 100%
cough violently
Bare Down as if going to bathroom...yeah it sounds weird but it works
Cold water In the face but shower works best.
One things though all these things can actually start an onset, also stress, a sneeze, a shock or scare

If for any reason you can't get it back under control do not be afraid to go to an ER. There they will most likely user adenosine to get you back to normal Rhythm. Heads up notice...this is not a pleasant experience for 5-10 sec you feel like hell. Bright side is you'll feel better in no time but still very weak for the lack of Oxygen. It will have felt like you ran a Marathon without having actually done so. Again hope that enlightens some folks.