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I was watching some show just now. It is about different tests and studies. I needed to go to the shop to get some groceries, but when I came back in my house I saw that they had really rough discussion about electrophysiology study test.

I couldn’t understand and hear what it is since my wife was talking too much while I was trying to watch it.

I tried to find it on the internet, but everything is a little bit confusing for me.

Can you tell me what is an electrophysiology study test and what does it show?

Any idea?


Hey Big Z.

It is very simple and very easy. Electrophysiology studies are tests that help all doctors to understand the nature of abnormal heart rhythms or arrhythmias.

So, EP Studies tests shows the electrical activities of your heart because it can help doctors to find where an arrhythmia is actually coming from.

These results that are shown can help your doctor to decide whether you need some medications, a proper therapy, maybe a peacemaker, an implantable cardioverter, defibrillator or even the surgery.

These studies are in the special room or lab.

As you can see, it is very easy to understand this test.



Hey there.

That is good answer, thank you very much about it. I know that I was reading about this, but that was a few months ago and I can’t remember it at all.

I think that I forgot to ask what this study is for? I mean, why anyway doctors tell you to do that test? It is connected with what?

I remember that one of my friends from my job needed to do this, but after this procedure he left his job and I never had a chance to ask him anything about it.

Thank you for your time :)



Good day everyone. I hope that you are doing fine. Since you asked, I am going to answer on your question. At least, I am going to try. Well, there are so many reasons why someone needs EP study. Some people need it to determine the cause of their abnormal heart rhythm, someone needs it to locate the origin of an abnormal heart rhythm. It also can help your doctor to determine what is the best treatment for someone with heart problems. But before you accept to do this study, you will need to take medications and you need to ask your doctor what medications are allowed to take during EP test.



Hello everyone.

There is no much new to tell in this case, right? I mean, people already have told you everything that you need to know and as you can see, it is not that complex right? But, you should also know that during the EP study doctors may also map the spread of your heart’s electrical impulses during each beat. Well, this may be done to help locate the source of an abdominal heartbeat. If the locations is found, the tissue can be destroyed.

This study shows do you need treatment or not. It also can help you to figure out which treatment do you need.