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i have been smokeing weed for 8 years to be exact now and ciggaretts for about 7 years i turn 23 august 2013 and i have been what u could call a heavy smoker for about 7 years now i smoke everyday and now everytime i smoke i get i light swelling feeling in my right lower back or my left lower back and i dont no why i have quit smoking ciggaetts for about 3 months now and i still get that same feeling everytime i smoke weed i figuerd maybe if i quit the ciggs it would be less smoke on my body and that i could continue smoking weed but yeah like i said its bin 3 months and i still get the same feeling everytime i smoke i dont have insurence to go see the doctor and i have thought about just quiting much as dont want to i would just rather find out whats the issue i see if its fixable or what anyt suggestions??


take a look here, maybe it sheds some light on things:

also look here, because gastrointestinal irritation can also cause backpain:

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