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I went to the doctor to check out small bumps that were on my foreskin, he said that they were caused my swollen glands and most likely will not go away and there is nothing to prescribe for this. Is this true or is there something that can be done to reduce the swollen glands?



The lymph nodes tend to swell if there is an infection in the body, and if your glands at genital area are swollen then you must have some kind of infection there. There are some cases that blisters appear on skin when this is present but they tend to go away as soon as the lymph nodes are back to normal. Have you had any problems that might cause lymph nodes to get swollen in the first place? Sometimes there is a chance that glands don’t function fine. This can have many adverse reactions to your body. This is hard to treat t home. However try to use some antibacterial cream for your foreskin blisters and see how it goes.